Collaged Journal Covers

There are a couple of things that I really love when it comes to journal making – one is the chance to combine fabric with paper and the other is the chance to collage.

Collage was how I first got started in art.  To be honest, I don’t draw well.  I can sketch, but it takes me forever so that is how I started with collage.  I realized that I could make a flower,  for example, out of paper scraps far easier than I could draw or paint one.

Now I found a way to use collage in my journals.  I make these adorable, one signature journals that have a fabric base which is then covered in a decorative scrapbook paper or other decorative card stock type of paper and then I build a collage on top of that for the front cover.

These are relatively quick to make compared to some of my other journals and it’s also a great way to use up fabrics that I can’t really use for covers or something else.

Collaged Journal Covers

It’s really hard to pick which one is my favorite and I’m also happy to report that all of these journals were sold at the recent Craft Guild Spring Show.

Until next time….

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