2022 Craft Guild Spring Show

I recently participated in the spring show. Since I sold 40 journals in the fall show, I decided to pay for space for two tables this time and make as many different kinds of journals as possible before the show.  I also made two different kinds of bookmarks for the first time.

Here are pictures of my tables.  I apologize for the not so attractive background, but the sides of the large show tent are clear so you can see the cars behind it.

I sold quite a few bookmarks, so that might be something I have on a regular basis now.  The show organizers told me that it might be time for me to think about purchasing a craft tent.  Apparently, it’s cheaper to be in the show if you have your own tent than it is to pay for table space, if you are going to need more than one table.

I’ve started looking at craft show tents in my price range and it really is daunting. It’s always really windy here now and that requires you to have extra tent weights.  Many people make these themselves out of pvc pipe and concrete mix. That looks kind of difficult and I’m not sure how heavy those are.  Then you need to figure out how to hang them from your tent .  I also need a tent that can be put up and taken down by just me.  That narrows down the choices quite a bit. I found one that said it was a one person set up tent, but it was almost $500 which is way more than I want to spend right now, especially considering I can only do two shows a year currently.

I think I’m going to find one and purchase it over the summer and then practice setting it up by myself a few times in my backyard. I’m still researching the tent weight issue.  Most of them come with four tent weights that you fill with sand, but it’s so windy now that those won’t be enough to keep your tent from blowing away apparently.   I guess I better do more research!

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