Practicing New Techniques

As artists, we all have other artists we look up to, learn from and generally admire.  One of my favorites is Liz Constable from Book Art Studios.  Not only is she an incredibly talented book artist, she is a great teacher and very generous with her knowledge.

I have always wanted to take one of her Dyed and Gone to Heaven workshops, but unfortunately, I could never figure out how to make that work since she is in Auckland and I am in Texas.  Up until now, she has only taught in-person workshops, but the pandemic changed all that.

I was able to take both her coptic binding class and her dyed and gone to heaven class via zoom.  They were great, and thankfully recorded, because I had to refer back to them more than once.  I had done coptic binding before, but this is a new method that took some practice on my part.

Here are some pictures of one of my favorite books I made, filled with scrumptious, hand dyed paper, using a process that I’m sworn to secrecy not to divulge.  If you want to learn it, you can visit her website and sign up for her next online class!